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News of: January 19, 2017
21:01 Kyiv refuses to swap five ex-Berkut special-forces officers for Ukrainians captured in Donbas
20:32 Putin, Merkel, Hollande discuss Minsk Agreements implementation, aren't satisfied with overall situation in Ukrainian crisis settlement
19:56 Russia, Turkey may have common stance at Astana negotiations following joint air operation in Aleppo - expert (Part 2)
19:15 Ukrainian Armed Forces' General Staff chief informs NATO on possible scenarios of Donbas conflict development
18:22 OSCE SMM to Ukraine deputy head to visit Donetsk on Friday
18:01 Launch of Proton rocket with Echostar-21 satellite postponed till next week - source
17:40 Over 1,100 populated localities in Syria join ceasefire - Russian Defense Ministry
17:23 Delicate work with Syrian opposition being carried out over past 2 months - Russian Defense Ministry
16:53 Two Samara residents held on suspicion of arms sale to Ukraine - source
16:09 LPR reports disruption of video conference on prisoner exchange over all Kyiv representatives' failure to show up

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