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News of: May 25, 2017
21:00 Police, National Guard hold large-scale exercise in Crimea
19:53 Argentina considers buying Russian helicopters
19:06 Moscow currently cannot see NATO participating in fight against terrorism in Syria
18:46 NATO plans to join western anti-ISIL coalition symbolic - Kosachyov
17:53 Construction of new helicopter carrier for Russian Defense Ministry to take at least 4 years - deputy defense minister
16:45 Proton LV scheduled to carry U.S. satellite into orbit on June 8 - source
15:46 Four suspected ISIL members detained in Moscow for plotting terror attacks on city transport facilities - FSB (Part 3)
15:13 LPR accuses Kyiv of pulling weapons towards Donbas frontline
15:03 Shoigu, Lavrov to visit Egypt on May 29 for discussing regional conflicts - Russian Foreign Ministry (Part 2)
14:32 OSCE monitoring in Karabakh conflict zone uneventful - Baku

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