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News of: March 22, 2018
20:52 Staff poisoned as result of petty row - Taganrog Aviation Plant spokesperson
20:20 NATO military official avoids confirming agreement on meeting between Russian Chief of General Staff, NATO Supreme Allied Commander Europe
19:33 Workshops to produce chemical weapons found on Syrian territories liberated from militants - Russian Defense Ministry (Part 2)
18:06 Probable administration of antidote to Skripals shows Britons knew what substance was used to poison them - Shamanov (Part 2)
17:58 Russia disposed of all chemical weapons stockpiles it had ahead of schedule; for Moscow, that issue closed once and for all - Foreign Ministry (Part 2)
17:45 Ukraine to ask Russian visitors to give prior notice of travel, to introduce grounds verification mechanism
17:21 EU urges Georgia, S. Ossetia to resume meetings in IPRM framework
17:20 U.S. 'clearly recorded' who shot down MH-17, but it's hiding this info - Russian Foreign Ministry
17:05 UK has nothing to respond with to Russia's enquiries on Skripal case - Russian Foreign Ministry (Part 2)
17:04 Georgian opposition doesn't want joint declaration on non-use of force to be signed at Geneva discussions

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