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News of: October 24, 2018
22:06 Russia, U.S. to cooperate on counterterrorism at level of deputy foreign ministers, 1st meeting due in December - Bolton (Part 2)
20:58 Bolton says he thoroughly discussed INF Treaty problem, U.S.' possible withdrawal from it at Moscow talks
20:30 Trump-Putin meeting in Paris this November will be held - Bolton
20:30 Putin-Trump meeting to be held in Paris on Nov 11 - Ushakov
19:02 Russian counter-measures to not affect Ukrainian travelers, including those working in Russia - Mutko
18:44 Putin to Bolton: It would be useful to continue direct dialogue with Trump, primarily on sidelines of intl' events, in Paris for example
18:38 Washington still undertaking unfriendly steps towards Moscow - Putin to Bolton
15:57 Russia to impose ban on imports of certain kinds of Ukrainian-made goods - Medvedev (Part 2)
15:37 Russian govt to endorse countersanctions against Ukraine soon - Medvedev (Part 2)
15:13 Belarusian, Ukrainian border agencies report absence of organized arms contraband

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