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News of: November 23, 2017
17:43 Russian Foreign Ministry surprised with statements about U.S. plans to stay in Syria - Zakharova
17:23 Lawyer says man detained during Tbilisi special operation Russian citizen
17:23 Russian ships to continue Mediterranean deployment in 2018 - Black Sea Fleet rep
17:22 ICTY sentencing of Mladic biased, politicized - Russian Foreign Ministry
16:54 OPCW/UN no longer revivable, new structure needed - Foreign Ministry
16:53 General Staff chief to visit Tokyo on Dec 11-13, Ground Force commander-in-chief on Nov 27-30 - Russian Foreign Ministry
16:16 Kabul proposes joint mission, possibly through UN, to uncover support for Taliban - national security advisor (Part 2)
15:51 Sudan may become Russia's key to Africa - President al-Bashir
15:35 Duma committee backs Gatilov's candidacy as Russia's envoy at Geneva - diplomatic source
15:12 Russian, Afghan, C. Asian countries' national security council secretaries discuss common terrorist threat in Moscow

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